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Baseball players are among the highest paid athletes despite the fact that they typically don’t rack up gigantic endorsement deals. Every aspiring young baseball player dreams of making good money throughout their future careers. Only a select few make it to the big leagues in spite of several factors to overcome such as injuries, inconsistencies and limited game time among others. Just like in other sports, certain key positions in Baseball attract larger pay packages over other positions.

Here are the top 4 paying positions in Baseball

  1. Starting Pitchers

Starting Pitchers are often the highest-paid players in MLB. Some of the highest paid SPs in the world include; Clayton Kershaw $35.5 million, Zack Greinke (D-Backs’) $32 million, David Price (Red Sox’s) $30 million, Justin Verlander (Tigers) $28 million and Jon Lester (Cubs) $27.5. The position that can win or lose a game most frequently lands on the consistency and effectiveness of a team’s starting pitcher.

  1. First Basemen

This is yet another highly significant position in the baseball game. It is ideal for most left-handed professionals with the ability to catch the ball superbly well and is perfect for strong, large, flexible and fast players. It’s estimated that first basemen rack in an average of $15 million every year. In order to attract such a massive pay, you must own that position and emulate the games’ all-time legends like Keith Hernandez, Don Mattingly, Lou Gehrig, and Albert Pujols.

  1. Center Field

With a top-earning Center Fielder like Mike Trout of Los Angeles Angels, his $34.08 million is a true testimony that this is among the best paying positions in baseball. Consistent heads up play, quickness and a phenomenal arm are what get you such a huge contract. Of course, a .300 batting average might help a bit too.

  1. Catchers

Catchers are also among the highest paid players in baseball. Look no further than Buster Posey $22,18 million, Russell Martin $20million, Yadier Molina $20million and Brian McCann $17million. A great starting catcher can earn up to a minimum of $15 million annually.

MLB generates tremendous revenue for the league, team and players. Although, such handsomely paid, the top players in these key positions deserve every penny.

Baseball is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and adrenaline generating games in sports. Everyone including the players, coaches, analysts, and fans anticipates the next game. The top players have certain attributes in common. Here are but a few, which can help turn a good player into a great one.

They include;

  1. Adaptability and Flexibility

Certainly, every time a player takes the field they expect a win. That is the internal drive of the competitive spirit. A person once said, “If the object of the game is not to win, then why keep score?” However, even with a well-played game, victory is not always ours. A true sportsperson can adapt to failure and be flexible enough to learn and change their game in order to improve greatly over time.

  1. Resilience and Self-discipline

Work ethic and preparedness are must-have traits for anyone who wants significant success in baseball. As a player, practicing high levels of self-discipline is paramount. Consistency in proper diet and exercise along with smart training are key components to achieving your athletic goals. Have the resilience to play/train or adhere to your daily routines even when times are difficult – whether personal or on the field.

  1. Stay Focused and Concentrate

As a successful baseball player, you cannot afford to create room for distractions. This game demands instant decisions and lightning reflexes – in practice and in the game. Committing errors as a result of lack of concentration and focus can drastically sabotage your baseball career, even for seasoned professionals.

  1. Be Competent and Confident

There are many other players fighting to earn their time in the game. There will always be “bad days in office” opening the door for you to get replaced. However, it’s what you do after a bad performance that counts. Don’t get down because of a blunder or two. Simple get even and maintain your absolute confidence that you are more competent than ever to get back on track with your normal stellar performance.

  1. Stress Management

Great baseball players like Sanders didn’t make it to the top by mistake. Making it big requires a player to learn to manage stress effectively. Baseball is highly competitive, making it impossible to win every game. It’s okay to be majorly disappointed in a loss or a poor performance. Occasional failures happen – period. Learn to manage your personal or professional stress through exercise, yoga, or other means that best work for you.

  1. Consistency in Learning

Show consistency in everything you do and be ready to learn from your coaches/trainers, teammates – and from yourself, both on and off the field. This helps keep your mind sharp and adaptable.

Learn to adopt these attributes and become the best ballplayer you can be.


Baseball has millions of fans in the United States and across the World. In fact, it’s regarded as the “National Pastime” in the US. Its ever-growing popularity has led to an upsurge in professional baseball bats demand and quality among both inexperienced and experienced players.

Here are 5 things to consider when buying a professional baseball bat;

  1. Weight

As a baseball enthusiast, it’s imperative to ensure that your preferred bat has the right weight for you. Lightweight bats can work better due to the fact that they are easier and faster to swing. Heavier bats, on the other hand, can offer more power in the right hands. In simple words, your bat’s weight should be comfortable for you.

  1. Bat’s Length

Consider buying a professional baseball bat, which its length properly conforms to your weight and height. You need the right bat length for easy maneuverability, swing efficiency, and enhanced performance. While choosing longer bats allow for advanced ball reaching abilities, they also require greater power to use. Generally, your bat’s length is highly dependent on your skills as a beginner or professional baseball player, as well as your body height and weight.

  1. Grips and Handles

Bats are usually available in different designs and qualities. Less expensive is always tempting for most people. A good quality baseball bat should have excellent grip and handles, such as Lizard Skin. You can make your choice depending on your skills and experience. Remember that thinner handles are great for lightning-quick swings while thicker handles help with enhanced stability and reduce the chances of increased miss-hits. Invest in quality bats that have reliable knobs on their handles to avert slip outs.

  1. Material

The most common professional baseball bats are made from solid wood. However, there are other great bats made from other incredible materials including Aluminum, Graphite, and Composite. It’s worth remembering that your material choice will determine your baseball bat’s weight, durability, versatility, and price. Pick wisely.

  1. Price

You have a budget in mind when contemplating buying a new baseball bat. Wisdom lies in spending according to your ability. While extravagance does not necessarily equate to a high-quality bat, being too frugal may not get you the basic quality you need. You can easily acquire both new and second-hand high-quality professional baseball bats at affordable prices in all the major sports equipment online or retail shops.

Most all of professional baseball players can attest to the fact that hitting a fast-approaching 90 mph baseball can be quite challenging. To hit well, you must be well-prepared and receive good training. An ideal hitter should be sharp minded, quick, and agile, along with perfecting basic and correct hitting techniques.

Here are 6 highly effective techniques to emulate:

  • Minimize your movement

Playing high-level baseball requires strength, quick reflexes, and tremendous vision. For consistent and effective batting, you should consider minimizing your movement. The more the movements the higher the possibility of making unnecessary errors. Keep your swing simple and compact.

  • Stay focused on the Baseball

Every successful hitter understands the importance of having high levels of concentration. You should have the ability to track and see the fast-approaching baseball. Never allow unnecessary distractions to interfere with your ability to focus on the pitch and ball flight.

  • Get the Grip right

How you hold your baseball bat matters. As a hitter, grip the bat lightly rather than tightening up on it. The reason for this is that tight grips tend to fatigue your fingers thus leading to ineffective swings. A tight grip also hinders fluidity of motion and reaction speed.

  • Improve your hand positioning

For effective and consistent swings, learn to relax your back and front elbow, move your weight forward, and focus on connecting with the ball. Try to position your hands on the bat the same way every time, and work with your coach for the best hand positions for your stance and hit strategy.

  • Pick the Right Bat

The baseball bat you choose will impact whether you will become a successful hitter or an inconsistent one. Baseball bats differ in terms of size, weight, quality, and length. Consult your coach for advice before buying your baseball bat. For effectiveness and consistency, invest in a quality bat. An ideal baseball bat for a beginner hitter should be light, comfortable to grip and easy to swing. There are also some great Training Bats on the market today, which help hitters identify their “perfect swing”.

  • Power

Opt for proper and effective ways of improving your upper-body and arm strength including press-ups, sit-ups, and weight lifting. Don’t underestimate the importance of lower body strength. A powerful swing requires powerful legs, as well. It truly is a full body movement. Technique is everything, as is proper and consistent practice.

Embrace the above tips and take your baseball game to greater heights.

Baseball is an all-around sport. It demands agility, speed, and strength from its top players. As an upcoming talent or professional baseball player, it’s imperative to be thoughtful of what you eat on a daily basis. Generally, your diet greatly determines your impact on the game. It takes proper dieting to enhance your agility, coordination and motor skills effectively as a baseball player.

Here are a few tips:

Healthy Foods

Every baseball player should consume a well-balanced diet before or after every game. An ideal player diet should comprise of proteins such as fish, turkey, beans, eggs, lean meat, shellfish and chicken among others. On top of that, vegetables and fruits such as broccoli, spinach, cucumber, cabbages, oranges, bananas, apples, watermelon, grapes, and avocados are must-have food items. Nuts, cereals/grains should be incorporated in your daily diet due to their high-level nutritional value. In summary, a well-balanced diet contains proteins, carbohydrates, starchy foods, and vitamins. Be sure to embrace a healthy diet to make it to an elite level. Lastly, learn to perfect your timing in regard to your meals and snacks for effective muscles recovery, performance, and training.

Unhealthy Foods to resist

Want to make it as a baseball player? You’ll have to commit yourself to avoid all the unhealthy foods you’ve been stocking in your kitchen. Steer clear of sugary foods, fatty and greasy foods. Consider taking them in moderation if you can’t really stop craving them. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that unhealthy foods such as Pizza, deep fried chicken, sugary doughnuts, cakes, and cookies will have a negative effect on your overall health and on your game performance. Lastly, it’s important to avoid smoking at all costs if you are a baseball player.


Many people can’t resist the temptation of canned/bottled soft beverages such as soda, energy drinks, and sugary juices. Baseball is a demanding game that requires excellent coordination, sharp decision making, speed, and concentration. Develop a habit of drinking lots of water on a daily basis for improved performances and health. A player should always ensure that their hydration levels are high in order to remain competitive at high-levels.

Stay away from alcoholic beverages. Consuming alcohol on a regular basis will lead to high dehydration levels, reduced concentration, impaired coordination, and speed. Better yourself as an athlete by replacing all your favorite unhealthy beverages with plenty of water, skim milk and reputable sports beverages.

Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional Supplements can come in handy as far as enhancing your daily multivitamin levels is concerned. However, not everything you’ll find on the store vitamin shelf is genuine. Some nutritional supplements will do you more damage than good. For your convenience, consider Sports-accredited nutritional supplements to complement your well-balanced everyday diet.

Think of healthy eating a marathon rather than a race. Smart nutrition is for the long-term, not just to improve your performance on the field, but also to improve your longevity as a healthy person for years to come.

The amazing sport (and art) of baseball has been part of our American tradition for well over 100 years. From Little League to the MLB, nothing beats the feel of making a solid hit, and each hitter has his or her favorite bat. After perusing Cyberspace, we came up with a few of our top picks for the best baseball bat on the market.

Here’s what we came up with. Let us know your thoughts.

  1. Easton Mako 8033595-P

Looking for something special that will give you a competitive edge? The Easton Mako baseball bat may be just what you need. It’s designed for accuracy, efficiency, and durability. The modern Thermo composite technology (TCT) incorporated in this bat makes it excellent to find the perfect swing and contact point. Its well-balanced weight & length, top-quality, enhanced performance, and affordability make it ideal for those who crave faster swings and power.

  1. Louisville Slugger Prime 917

This incredible baseball bat is purely tailored for aggressive and hard-hitting players. It’s composed of Microform composite material which enhances a player’s hitting accuracy tremendously. In addition, Louisville Slugger 917 gets its hitting prowess and swing control from the TRU3 Dynamic Socket Connection technology used in its manufacturing. It comes with a Lizard Skins grip and multi-layered composite material for maximum hitting power. Last but not least, Louisville Slugger 917 is BBCOR certified, durable, easy to use, eliminates negative vibration and reasonably affordable. It’s ideal for both college and high school leagues.

  1. Mizuno Classic Bamboo wood baseball bat MZB271

This classic baseball bat is a must have for every baseball player. Mizuno is designed for first-rate balance, durability, unrivaled grip and efficiency. The Mizuno Classic Bamboo Wood Baseball is specifically made from highly polished bamboo making it timeless and perfect for advanced swing speed. Don’t let its uniqueness and stylish nature to fool you. With its well-polished cupped handle, you can confidently take a grip on this awesome bat.

  1. Easton S50 Youth Baseball Bat

This aluminum alloy baseball bat is great for young beginners. If your young one has a passion for baseball, then Easton S50 can be the right gift this holiday. Getting your vastly talented, passionate and skilled kid this high-standard modern bat will help to take their baseball game to the next level. It’s extremely lightweight, durable, and affordable and USSSA 1.15 BPF approved. Why worry about your kid breaking your most treasured baseball bat when you can get an Easton S50 youth baseball bat for him/her?

  1. DeMarini WTDXVDL 1528-16

This is yet another tremendous baseball bat for future stars. It’s D-Fusion 2.0 hand; make it superlative for your 8-9 years old baseball players. The DeMarini 2016 Voodoo Raw Youth Baseball bat is relatively affordable, durable and stylish.

  1. 2017 Baum Bat

Baum is best known for producing BBCOR certified engineered wood bats that exceed baseball players’ expectations. The 2017 Baum bat is particularly unique as a result of being produced from versatile bided derivative wood materials. This great Baum bat can also be used by adults. Despite its versatility, durability, and lightweight, it comes at a pocket-friendly price.

  1. Best Training Bat: 2018 Followthru Pro Training Bat (of course!)

The FollowThru Pro Training Bat provides a precision hitting experience that encourages proper swing technique in hitters with varying levels of skill. Our patented FollowThru technology provides hitters with instant audible feedback, encouraging them to swing all the way through the zone until they hear that “click”.

Many college baseball players dream of making it to the pros. Unfortunately, not all ambitious ballplayers realize their ambitions. It takes effort, hard work, and strong will to achieve your baseball career objectives successfully – not to mention possessing extreme talent. The beauty (and sometimes a downside) of playing in the pros is that it comes with tremendous exposure due to increased television airplay that elite professional sports leagues attract. Being in the limelight can make a player better or it can act as a negative distraction. Choose the former.



Here are a few tips on how to successfully transition from college baseball to the pros


What you eat will greatly determine whether you make it to the pros or need to get a “real” job after college. To increase your chances of transitioning from college baseball to the pros, ensure that you feed on a balanced diet consistently. Consume lots of vegetables, fruits, water, proteins, and carbohydrates. Advantages of a well-balanced diet include; an improved immune system, high levels of concentration, enhanced coordination, speed, versatility, and strength.

Avoid consuming unhealthy foods and beverages including fried fries, pizza, sugary soft drinks, alcohol, and cigarette smoking. Stay away from drugs and focus on maintaining a healthy weight that will allow you to develop your baseball game successfully. Getting drafted to the pros is no joke. Take it seriously. It can be a tremendous and lasting career, and a smart diet can help you get there.


Developing an athletic body does not come naturally for most of us. It takes regular exercise, guided training, and profound determination to achieve your objective as an elite college baseball player who has the chance to take it to the next level. Baseball is a more vigorous sport than many people think. Players need to be flexible, versatile, strong, fast and quick decision makers in order to be regarded as elite and fit. Take your coach/trainer’s advice on working out seriously and put it to practice.

Be at your best always

In order to get the attention of the scouts, you need to be in your best form – always. Producing lofty performances consistently can certainly catch the attention of a major league scout. Being at your best game level means willing to make personal sacrifices to make it to the top. You can take that next step, provided that you are 100% committed, determined, hardworking and willing to learn from your coach or teammates.

Be resilient

Resilience is an important factor in baseball. You must have the courage to overcome failure and team selection rejections. Show your coach why he should play you through your resilience and performance. Giving up should never be an option for you regardless of how many times you fail. Work daily toward consistent greatness – on and off the field.

Be Disciplined

Surround yourself with those who motivate you and make you stronger, both physically and mentally. Work well with your teammates but remember you have individual goals to achieve. Stay away from things that will attract negative publicity, and make smart decisions wherever you go. Take the responsibility of bettering yourself as a college baseball player, play well, learn from the best and put yourself in a realistic position to join the majors.

If you want to start a real debate (or a real argument), ask a big baseball fan who were the best baseball players of all time. This “American Game” has been around over 150 years. The first recorded baseball game in the US occurred in 1846, when the Cartwright Knickerbockers lost to the New York Baseball Club at the Elysian Fields, in Hoboken, New Jersey. This became the start of a true American pastime, creating more sports heroes than we can count. The game has taken on a life of its own since its inception and has created a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. It has also created many amazing and memorable players. Here’s our very short list of the best players ever. Who made your list?


Babe Ruth

Ruth was a historic talent that transcended even the likes of Jackie Robinson. When he arrived in the major leagues in 1914, the all-time record for home runs was at 27. After seven years in the game, he more than doubled it to 59 and produced 60 dingers in 1927. He also took the lead in the AL in home runs twelve times. Babe Ruth was an astounding power hitter with a slugging percentage that remains 2nd best of all time, just behind Barry Bonds. Ruth was a great pitcher in his early years as he was leading the AL games in 1921. In fact, he was dominating games and also became the first transcendent American sports superstar. Ruth was dominating all the headlines across the state in both in-field and off-field celebrities; he was a super baseball player. One of his major stories in the New York Yankees teams in 1920 catapulted the prominence of baseball in a national consciousness that the game savors even today. Ruth was a great baseball player and also the most significant one with unmatched name recognition in the sport.

Willie Mays

Willie Mays not only racked up exemplary totals at the plate such as 3283 hits, but his astounding play in the outfield made him produce 12 consecutive Gold Glove Awards from 1957-1968. This accorded him the greatest all-around player of baseball. He was instrumental in leading the New York Giants to win the 1954 World Series. The New York Giants championship is one of Mays iconic moments in his career, which also turned out to be one of the most iconic moments in baseball history.

Ted Williams

Ted Williams has always been referred to as the greatest pure hitter who ever lived. He had 482 on-base percentages; which is the highest of all time. Williams took a lead in the AL batting average 6 times, slugging percentage 9 times and on-base percentage 12 times in his career of 19 years. Arguably, he was the best hitter the game ever had. He was also a great fisherman and a fighter pilot.

Baseball has a long history. Its teams, players and magic allow fans of all ages to follow the game across the globe. With its ever-increasing talent and team rivalries, baseball just keeps getting better with time. Click here for more blogs

Sports lead to many experiences that eventually have a positive effect on players’ life. Sports build character and teach an individual the concept of discipline, teamwork, and dedication to become a better player. In fact, it is because of sports that some of us have lifelong friendships with both teammates and coaches. Being a college athlete offers a whole new and positive experience for students. Many college baseball players continued to rely on the influence that the sport had on them throughout their entire lives. Why is college baseball so significant?


When you are admitted to college as a baseball player, you will be part of a team. Eventually, this will allow you to meet people with distinct likes and dislikes. making it a very good place to make new and different friends. Being part of a team is the best way to develop and nurture relationships with others. You learn together, work together and you are striving to achieve the same goal. Notably, such relationships that develop in a formal, competitive team are likely to last for years, making your college experience memorable as your life is also impacted positively.

Getting a job or a scholarship

Many potential employers prefer former athletes. Employers believe that being a college athlete translates into a quality employee. This is because successful college athletes, including baseball players, have learned time management skills, leadership skills, discipline, a competitive mindset as well as the ability to communicate effectively within a team, among other attributes.


While a college baseball player, you will be required to be healthy – with proper exercise and mostly a proper diet. Student-baseball players are highly motivated. Studying, training, and practicing are part of a college baseball player’s daily routine. Players tend to enter college already fit, and with a solid work ethic which helps them not only succeed on the field but also in the classroom.

Conclusively, a college baseball player can exceed in the sport, and learn traits that can propel them in their professional career for years down the road. Learning sportsmanship, new skills, dedication, and proper exercise/diet are great habits that will stick with these college athletes. Click here for more blogs. For more blogs click here

Virtually everything has a genesis, and so is the great game of baseball. This great game is thought to have originated in England as a game known as ‘rounders’. Rounders later gained its popularity in the United States in the 1800s. Other names accorded to the game include base, roundball, townball, and goalball among others.  The game was invented by Abner Doubleday in Cooperstown, New York, although there have been some controversies by historians. As documented, the game had rules that were first written by Shane Ryley for Knickknocker’s team in Manhattan.  Modern baseball has two major leagues, the National League and the American League.

Crucial dates

In 1845, baseball rules were made formal by Alexander Cartwright. Eventually, the first game was recorded in 1846. Cartwright’s Knickknocker’s lost to the New York Baseball Club at Elysian Fields, in Hoboken, New Jersey. In 1858, the first National Baseball Association of baseball players was formed and it became the first amateur baseball league. However, in 1860s civil war disrupted the teams, but the soldiers who had played introduced the game to other areas of the country.   In 1868, a comeback was experienced with a 100 team representation at the annual convention. In 1869, there was the first professional team with players under pay – the Cincinnati Red Stockings. In 1871 the National Association became the first professional baseball league which was replaced by the National league led by businessmen in 1875. In 1882, a rival league was formed – the American Association while the Union Association closed in 1884 due to financial difficulties. In 1903, the first World Series was played and in 1911, a ball with a cork center was introduced to help ease the way for batters.

Some of the notable players

George Babe Ruth is one of the most outstanding home-run hitters that baseball has ever had. Hank Aaron is another great baseball player; a prolific home-run hitter. Jackie Robinson became the first African American baseball player to cross the lines of segregation. Lou Gehrig is known as the ‘The Iron Horse.’ He took part in 2130 games and won a triple crown in 1934.

Some notable games    

The highest combined scores in major League history was recorded in 1922 and in 1932, and Babe Ruth called his center field home run hit for the very next pitch.  In 1951, Bobby Thomson hit a walk-off home run leading the Giants to victory over Dodgers. This is what is referred to as ‘shot heard’ all over the world.

In conclusion, irrespective of the controversies that exist among historians on the origin of baseball, the game’s consistency and history accords it a ‘must watch game’ title. You can choose to make baseball one of your favorite sports. It’s certainly a favorite of ours. Click here for more blogs

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