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Baseball exercises, pro training baseball batWhat are some of the baseball workouts that can help get you ready for the next season? Baseball is an extraordinary sport that utilizes particular muscles explosively. As a result, a more beneficial baseball workout does not revolve around endurance or bulking up; it is all about how you fine-tune your core, conditioning the muscles (fast twitch muscles), and being flexible in preparation for the action. Below are some of the best baseball exercises or workouts that can help you improve in the next season:

  1. Say Yes to Yoga

Yoga is becoming a significant workout constituent of baseball sports all over the world. Realistically, yoga merges the key components from many types of exercises. It may look easy but just try a session or two. Yoga can provide a tremendous workout. Some of its elements include core strength, breathing, focus, flexibility, and injury prevention. Yoga is done both for speed and power. It’s yoga that helped Giancarlo Stanton emerge as a star at the National League in 2014 and 2015. Notably, Stanton didn’t achieve these exemplary results from lifting heavy weights but rather used yoga as an ingredient in his workouts. Alongside core exercises and plenty of time in the batting cage, yoga will do wonders for you. It helps build your flexibility, strength, balance, and conditioning.

  1. Five-tool workout

The five-tool workout includes Arm strength which you attain through long toss drills, fielding which you achieve through ladder drills, speed which you attain through treadmill sprints, and single leg/single arm rows coupled with kneeling cable chops. Want to hit for power? Try squats, squat jumps, as well as rotational medicine ball throws. Beyond these workouts, healthy nutrition and proper rest are keys to becoming a star baseball player.

  1. Chest and back workout

Equally important workouts are for your chest and back.   Just like your core and legs for flexibility, so are your back and chest. A couple good workouts for the chest and back include the chest cable crossover and dumbbell bench press, among others.

  1. TRX push up

TRX push-ups are essential as they help a baseball player to engage targeted muscles to strengthen your core. Additionally, they augment your shoulder’s strength and stability. One of the ways to ensure that the push-ups are effective is to engage your core and also tighten your thighs for a maximal effect on the shoulders and the entire upper body.  Do 3 sets at 15 reps each set, and rest for at least 45-120 seconds after each set.

Conclusively, the above-mentioned workouts or exercises are vital in baseball training and can help propel your game to the next level. Click here for more blogs

pro baseball tips, pro training bat, softball training bat, baseball training tipsBaseball, America’s Pastime, is an inherent part of the American culture. Consequently, the United States ranks first among countries with the highest baseball popularity around the world. The Dominican Republic comes second followed by Canada and fourth is Puerto Rico. To be a great baseball player, you require tremendous talent, perseverance and excellent training. Here are a few (of many) ways to help take your game from good to great.

Dream big

For you to be a professional baseball player you ought to be a big dreamer. Stay focused on your dream daily and stand out dramatically in your early baseball career. Remember that very few young baseball players get drafted. Interestingly of those drafted, not all see play in the major league. As such, make the game a passion to build your determination and skill levels – and have fun as you play. However, to become a great player, this sport calls for sacrifice and unending determination.


As the adage goes, practice does not make perfect, but perfect practice does. Realistically, in every facet of life, practice is everything. For baseball players, practice is not an exception. It’s fundamental towards developing expert specialization toward your sport. Gain knowledge and direction from the best coaches you can find, and work on perfecting your skills constantly.

Tenacity and self-analysis

Tenacity is an integral element of success. It’s tenacity that saw Charlie Morton through a journey of seven years of setbacks to becoming successful in the MLB for four diverse franchises. This was remarkable. If you are looking to excel your game to the next level, perhaps it’s worth conducting a self-evaluation by asking questions such as: What did I do as required? What didn’t I do as required? Who are the individuals who can help me succeed? Self-analysis and critique can be valuable to achieving one’s goals. Leaning on your strengths and improving on your weaknesses are part of the tenacity that one needs for success in any sport (or for success in life).


In conclusion, becoming a top baseball player requires tremendous and consistent effort, talent, smart practice, commitment, and tenacity. Give it everything you got, and you just may achieve baseball greatness. Visit for more blogs.

Speed is a primary ingredient to big hitting. Bat speed is one of the most fundamental items on a baseball player’s checklist. Interestingly, bat speed is a fundamental skill that is tough to teach. However, there are various speed drills that can assist a player to improve on it. They include:

  1. Weighted bat and a light-weighted fungo bat

This is a speed drill which aims at creating resistance in a swing and it forces a hitter to swing the bat harder – just like the pro boxer training with heavier gloves. Once you take a few rounds with a weighted bat, take some rounds (normal rounds) minus the weight. One of the reasons you ought not to take more rounds with the weighted bat is to ensure you don’t train yourself to make slow swings. After batting sessions with the weighted bat, take a few swings using the light-weight fungo bat. The ultimate goal of this speed drill is to help you train your muscles to always swing very fast as well as developing a muscle memory to attain an amazing bat speed.

  1. Resistance swings

Complete slow motion swings as your teammate holds on to the bat with some resistance throughout the entire swing. Resistance swings make for a good exercise and help build strength in all your swing muscles.

  1. Medicine ball wall punches

You can achieve this speed drill by standing five feet from a wall in your batting stance. Hold the medicine ball in your hands in a similar manner you hold a bat. Consider the wall a pitcher, and then throw the ball off the wall as you rotate your core to mimic a swing.  Make sure you take 10 reps.

Additionally, to achieve speed, stay loose and ready. Always relax your muscles as this prepares your body to move freely. Avoid tensing and bunching up. When you’re relaxed, you tend to move faster with more agility.

In conclusion, it is fundamental to have good bat speed as a baseball player. The above-mentioned speed drills are significant and when practiced efficiently, they will ultimately yield good results. For more blogs, visit our website

Learn to Swing for the Fences. As with most things, it all starts with the fundamentals. However, with a wide range of setups and stances, there exist diverse ways on how to hit a baseball. The focus is the contact point; once the hitter is on the preferred contact point, he will achieve an effective swing. Notably, hitting a baseball is not easy and it requires hard work. Check out some of these tips followed by some of the leagues’ “super-star” hitters.

  1. Hit against a firm front side

Usually, this is pretty significant. When you lose the firm front side, you basically lose most of the bat speed as your anchor is diminished.

  1. Let your back foot be on its toe

When you make a swing by committing your backside, you generate a force. This force goes towards the baseball and can only be stopped by your firm front side after which you can start making a rotation. While doing all this, only the back toe is left on or slightly above the ground.

  1. Ensure your hands are in a palm up, palm down position

For a right-handed hitter, if you have his bat taken away at contact and he is allowed to open his hands, his right hand should face up towards the sky while the left hand should face the ground. Such a bat grip can add significant power and consistency to the batter.

  1. Keep your eye on the ball

This implies that you can see the ball at its contact point. If you are ready to learn how to be a better baseball hitter, then you must start by knowing how to see the ball. You can increase your ability to see the ball by hyper-focusing on the pitch and travel of the baseball, maximizing your eyesight, or use baseball sunglasses. There is also skill development to better prepare your reaction time to pitches.

  1. Your back knee, back hip, and head in a straight line

This position ensures that you are not too far forward to lose power or to build inconsistencies in your swing.

  1. Let your head be in the middle of your feet

This is the strongest and also the best position for your body. It allows you to make a rotation on an axis with a minimal head movement, keeping you on-point and on-power.

  1. Top arm positioning

The upper arm is crucial in developing proper shoulder tilt and keeping your swing short. The objective is to have your forward elbow come through close to your body throughout the swing. So as you begin your swing, your back elbow should also travel near your body.

In conclusion, with the right techniques, practice and coaching, prepare to Swing for the Fences. Try out the above tips to become a “super-star” hitter. Click here for more blogs


Baseball workout tips and exercise, www.followthrubat.comAn elite baseball player has several tools in his playing arsenal. They include quickness, nimble fielding ability, consistent hitting, powerful hitting as well as arm strength. Surprisingly, not all players effectively possess all five tools, but when a player does, he can become exemplary. Some of these players can do everything or almost everything very well, for instance, Bo Jackson, Willie Mays, Derek Jeter, Ken Griffey Jr., and Andre Dawson among others. For emerging players, having all the five abilities gives them a leg up in such extreme competition. Implementing the following tips (under doctor’s supervision) could help towards proclaiming the next baseball star:


  1. A workout for a cannon arm

Interestingly, every baseball player wants to be in a position where he can keep runners from taking an extra base as well as out of scoring position. This is a physical preference and also a mental advantage every baseball player wants. To help achieve a stronger upper body, do different push-ups with the help of a medicine ball. Begin with your arms at shoulder-length apart while one of your hands is on the ball. Make sure to alternate side by side. Do this 3 x 8-12 reps.  Thereafter, do overhead wall ball throws (3 x 15 reps). Do this standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, and use an 8-12 pound ball. Remember to use your hands to help keep the ball above the head. Notably, you’ll require some skill that you will better achieve over time with learned coordination.

  1. A workout for elite foot speed

Foot speed is a crucial tool for both base-running and defense. Speed allows a player to be in a position to carry out or take extra bases. This ability helps a hard play seem easy. Being quick is fundamental to quickly running down a ball. For a player to achieve both elite speed and quickness, you ought to include resistance to your training. Running and sprints are very important. To build strong legs, do squats using one leg (one-legged squats – 3 x 8 reps) with the aid of a dumbbell. To achieve resistance running, perform treadmill sprints.

  1. A workout for consistent hitting

Hitting is one of the most beneficial tools. Consequently, for you to score a run, you have to first get on base. To be in a position to hit well, body placement and balance are keys. Players with a high batting average will hit the ball more often and hard. One of the recipes for a great hitter is a balanced training coupled with core work. One of the workouts includes a combo with a single arm / single leg along kneeling cable chops. Alternatively, check out the blog, Bat Swinging Tips.

For more blogs click here.

Baseball Swinging tips, Image by By dcJohn

Excelling in baseball (as in any sport) requires conditioning, hand-eye coordination as well as proper muscle memory. This also goes toward perfecting your bat swing. For learning to swing a baseball bat properly, nothing beats an actual batting coach. However, here are a few smart bat swinging tips to get you started:

  1. Assume a proper stance

To achieve a proper stance, ensure you place your feet shoulder width, parallel to each other and well-balanced. For the right-handed players, your left side ought to face the pitcher while your head points to the direction of the ball and for the left-handed players, it will be the right side. The stance should always be comfortable. Basically, this makes your feet move quickly as your stance becomes reactive. Keeping your knees bent helps you to generate enough force as you make contact with the ball. Also, to assume a proper stance, you need to plant your back foot. Ensure that your cleats have a firm grip on the ground before swinging. When you have a steady and proper stance, you can generate more power from your feet all the way through your core.

  1. Get the perfect bat grip and right body positioning

Always ensure to have your hands in the right position on the bat. It’s important to maintain a light grip on your bat until you are in contact with the ball to maximize swing speed and reactivity. Ensure you do not grip the bat too high on the handle to avoid blunting your swing. Aligning your knuckles helps you to keep your finger tops in one row down the grip of your bat. This alignment ensures that the bat shifts in your hands as you make a swing. Remember not to grip the bat too tightly. Always let the bat to hover over the shoulders rather than allowing to rest across your back flat. The bat should be raised off the shoulders, prepared to start a swing. You will always make a quick swing if you move the bat from a position of muscular tension. Keep it relaxed until the pitch.

  1. Take a good swing

To take a good swing, you must ensure that your eyes are on the ball all the way across the plate. Your chin should be dropped and your head should be held low as you make a swing. Let your eyes focus completely on the ball – every time. Being focused helps the player to track the ball. Always turn the shoulders into the swing. As such you will remain relaxed until the time that the bat strikes the ball. After you strike the ball follow through to drive it hard. When you follow through, you are able to make a momentum rotation, instantly stopping the ball and sending it with power. These tips are effective, especially when accompanied by a good batting coach and such tools at the FollowThru Training Bat.

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