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Best Baseball Bats


The amazing sport (and art) of baseball has been part of our American tradition for well over 100 years. From Little League to the MLB, nothing beats the feel of making a solid hit, and each hitter has his or her favorite bat. After perusing Cyberspace, we came up with a few of our top picks for the best baseball bat on the market.

Here’s what we came up with. Let us know your thoughts.

  1. Easton Mako 8033595-P

Looking for something special that will give you a competitive edge? The Easton Mako baseball bat may be just what you need. It’s designed for accuracy, efficiency, and durability. The modern Thermo composite technology (TCT) incorporated in this bat makes it excellent to find the perfect swing and contact point. Its well-balanced weight & length, top-quality, enhanced performance, and affordability make it ideal for those who crave faster swings and power.

  1. Louisville Slugger Prime 917

This incredible baseball bat is purely tailored for aggressive and hard-hitting players. It’s composed of Microform composite material which enhances a player’s hitting accuracy tremendously. In addition, Louisville Slugger 917 gets its hitting prowess and swing control from the TRU3 Dynamic Socket Connection technology used in its manufacturing. It comes with a Lizard Skins grip and multi-layered composite material for maximum hitting power. Last but not least, Louisville Slugger 917 is BBCOR certified, durable, easy to use, eliminates negative vibration and reasonably affordable. It’s ideal for both college and high school leagues.

  1. Mizuno Classic Bamboo wood baseball bat MZB271

This classic baseball bat is a must have for every baseball player. Mizuno is designed for first-rate balance, durability, unrivaled grip and efficiency. The Mizuno Classic Bamboo Wood Baseball is specifically made from highly polished bamboo making it timeless and perfect for advanced swing speed. Don’t let its uniqueness and stylish nature to fool you. With its well-polished cupped handle, you can confidently take a grip on this awesome bat.

  1. Easton S50 Youth Baseball Bat

This aluminum alloy baseball bat is great for young beginners. If your young one has a passion for baseball, then Easton S50 can be the right gift this holiday. Getting your vastly talented, passionate and skilled kid this high-standard modern bat will help to take their baseball game to the next level. It’s extremely lightweight, durable, and affordable and USSSA 1.15 BPF approved. Why worry about your kid breaking your most treasured baseball bat when you can get an Easton S50 youth baseball bat for him/her?

  1. DeMarini WTDXVDL 1528-16

This is yet another tremendous baseball bat for future stars. It’s D-Fusion 2.0 hand; make it superlative for your 8-9 years old baseball players. The DeMarini 2016 Voodoo Raw Youth Baseball bat is relatively affordable, durable and stylish.

  1. 2017 Baum Bat

Baum is best known for producing BBCOR certified engineered wood bats that exceed baseball players’ expectations. The 2017 Baum bat is particularly unique as a result of being produced from versatile bided derivative wood materials. This great Baum bat can also be used by adults. Despite its versatility, durability, and lightweight, it comes at a pocket-friendly price.

  1. Best Training Bat: 2018 Followthru Pro Training Bat (of course!)

The FollowThru Pro Training Bat provides a precision hitting experience that encourages proper swing technique in hitters with varying levels of skill. Our patented FollowThru technology provides hitters with instant audible feedback, encouraging them to swing all the way through the zone until they hear that “click”.

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