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Baseball Workout Tips


Baseball workout tips and exercise, www.followthrubat.comAn elite baseball player has several tools in his playing arsenal. They include quickness, nimble fielding ability, consistent hitting, powerful hitting as well as arm strength. Surprisingly, not all players effectively possess all five tools, but when a player does, he can become exemplary. Some of these players can do everything or almost everything very well, for instance, Bo Jackson, Willie Mays, Derek Jeter, Ken Griffey Jr., and Andre Dawson among others. For emerging players, having all the five abilities gives them a leg up in such extreme competition. Implementing the following tips (under doctor’s supervision) could help towards proclaiming the next baseball star:


  1. A workout for a cannon arm

Interestingly, every baseball player wants to be in a position where he can keep runners from taking an extra base as well as out of scoring position. This is a physical preference and also a mental advantage every baseball player wants. To help achieve a stronger upper body, do different push-ups with the help of a medicine ball. Begin with your arms at shoulder-length apart while one of your hands is on the ball. Make sure to alternate side by side. Do this 3 x 8-12 reps.¬† Thereafter, do overhead wall ball throws (3 x 15 reps). Do this standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, and use an 8-12 pound ball. Remember to use your hands to help keep the ball above the head. Notably, you’ll require some skill that you will better achieve over time with learned coordination.

  1. A workout for elite foot speed

Foot speed is a crucial tool for both base-running and defense. Speed allows a player to be in a position to carry out or take extra bases. This ability helps a hard play seem easy. Being quick is fundamental to quickly running down a ball. For a player to achieve both elite speed and quickness, you ought to include resistance to your training. Running and sprints are very important. To build strong legs, do squats using one leg (one-legged squats – 3 x 8 reps) with the aid of a dumbbell. To achieve resistance running, perform treadmill sprints.

  1. A workout for consistent hitting

Hitting is one of the most beneficial tools. Consequently, for you to score a run, you have to first get on base. To be in a position to hit well, body placement and balance are keys. Players with a high batting average will hit the ball more often and hard. One of the recipes for a great hitter is a balanced training coupled with core work. One of the workouts includes a combo with a single arm / single leg along kneeling cable chops. Alternatively, check out the blog, Bat Swinging Tips.

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