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Bat Swinging Tips


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Excelling in baseball (as in any sport) requires conditioning, hand-eye coordination as well as proper muscle memory. This also goes toward perfecting your bat swing. For learning to swing a baseball bat properly, nothing beats an actual batting coach. However, here are a few smart bat swinging tips to get you started:

  1. Assume a proper stance

To achieve a proper stance, ensure you place your feet shoulder width, parallel to each other and well-balanced. For the right-handed players, your left side ought to face the pitcher while your head points to the direction of the ball and for the left-handed players, it will be the right side. The stance should always be comfortable. Basically, this makes your feet move quickly as your stance becomes reactive. Keeping your knees bent helps you to generate enough force as you make contact with the ball. Also, to assume a proper stance, you need to plant your back foot. Ensure that your cleats have a firm grip on the ground before swinging. When you have a steady and proper stance, you can generate more power from your feet all the way through your core.

  1. Get the perfect bat grip and right body positioning

Always ensure to have your hands in the right position on the bat. It’s important to maintain a light grip on your bat until you are in contact with the ball to maximize swing speed and reactivity. Ensure you do not grip the bat too high on the handle to avoid blunting your swing. Aligning your knuckles helps you to keep your finger tops in one row down the grip of your bat. This alignment ensures that the bat shifts in your hands as you make a swing. Remember not to grip the bat too tightly. Always let the bat to hover over the shoulders rather than allowing to rest across your back flat. The bat should be raised off the shoulders, prepared to start a swing. You will always make a quick swing if you move the bat from a position of muscular tension. Keep it relaxed until the pitch.

  1. Take a good swing

To take a good swing, you must ensure that your eyes are on the ball all the way across the plate. Your chin should be dropped and your head should be held low as you make a swing. Let your eyes focus completely on the ball – every time. Being focused helps the player to track the ball. Always turn the shoulders into the swing. As such you will remain relaxed until the time that the bat strikes the ball. After you strike the ball follow through to drive it hard. When you follow through, you are able to make a momentum rotation, instantly stopping the ball and sending it with power. These tips are effective, especially when accompanied by a good batting coach and such tools at the FollowThru Training Bat.

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