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Baseball players, no doubt, go through long and frequent season schedules and so every fitness coach has to determine whether they are undertraining or overtraining. There is a delicate balance between the two and being able to maintain this balance will affect how well your team performs in the games. In order to have a balance, there are two aspects that need to be focused on. One, the workload that the players perform in the gym must be enough to cause a change in homeostasis so that it drives adaptation, yet it shouldn’t be in excess such that it leads to unmanageable levels of physical stress. Two, there should be sufficient recovery to enable adaptation, but not too much that it negatives affects the next workout. What to aim for:

  • Recovery

For baseball players, they should have at least two consecutive recovery days every week if they can be implemented into the training schedule. Back-to-back days have proven to be effective as they offer the body a chance to naturally “reset” before the player can embark on the next week of training. These two days will transform practice from an endless continuation of a mind-numbing activity into a fresh start.

  • Training volume

There is no disputing that the training volume of baseball athletes is normally very high in the hours that are put in every week. However, lots of training time does not always equate to effective training. With the right elements put in place so that a balance is struck, you should be able to spot undertraining such as in strength and conditioning. Measure effectiveness against training volume to spot possible under-training of athletes.

  • Setting a training goal

If you are exerting too much stress on the body that it is unable to adapt enough, it may lead to exhaustion.  Instead, in every training session, the goal should be to enable the player to become the best athlete they can become. During in-season, baseball players should train with good intensity though not maximum intensity. By pulling the reins on intensity as a coach, you should be able to cut on exhaustion levels that often result in overtraining. Set measurable goals, and track the successes of each player.

Cooldowns are essential when wrapping up a baseball workout or bringing to an end an intense practice session. A cooldown is an important transition between your active and non-active self. It is what brings intense exercise to a halt and ushers in rest. This helps avoid complications such as blood pooling, fainting, dizziness as well as a spike in stress hormones. As one should warm-up before intense physical activity, the cooldown afterward is just as important.

CoolDown and Physiology

Pursuing high-level baseball training has many demands and it causes the body to undergo numerous internal changes to meet these demands.

One, considering the activity level involved, expect your breathing rate and heart rate to be highly elevated compared to when you are in a rested state.

Two, expect the rate of blood flow to be higher as well as blood content in the muscles that are at work.

Three, your body is going to contain a high concentration of the by-products that are linked to fatigue in your muscle cells that include H+ and lactate.

Four, you are still going to be psychologically alert at the end of the session and this means that there will be neurotransmitters and hormonal shifts in the body. All these are reasons why it is important for an effective cooldown.

Furthermore, there are other benefits to be gotten from having a cooldown. For instance, a cooldown can be leveraged to work on the things that are essential that cannot be catered for in the warm-up or the workout. Take, for example, static stretching. When performed during exercise, it has been shown to cut on power output. However, this doesn’t mean that it is of no use. It is especially effective in cutting down on the levels of stress hormone to aid in recovery. It also improves in mobility or flexibility of the target tissues.

Another benefit to a cooldown routine is that you can improve on highly technical drills on sprinting that you may not be good at. Activity that leads to this include backpedals, cariocas, butt kicks, shuffle variations among others.

Coming Up With a CoolDown

The cooldown session should begin immediately after the last exercise. It should last between 3-5 minutes. The activity should aid in bringing the body to a resting state. Activities include light exercise, deep breathing, and tissue-specific mobility routines that target your weaknesses.

Sports lead to many experiences that eventually have a positive effect on players’ life. Sports build character and teach an individual the concept of discipline, teamwork, and dedication to become a better player. In fact, it is because of sports that some of us have lifelong friendships with both teammates and coaches. Being a college athlete offers a whole new and positive experience for students. Many college baseball players continued to rely on the influence that the sport had on them throughout their entire lives. Why is college baseball so significant?


When you are admitted to college as a baseball player, you will be part of a team. Eventually, this will allow you to meet people with distinct likes and dislikes. making it a very good place to make new and different friends. Being part of a team is the best way to develop and nurture relationships with others. You learn together, work together and you are striving to achieve the same goal. Notably, such relationships that develop in a formal, competitive team are likely to last for years, making your college experience memorable as your life is also impacted positively.

Getting a job or a scholarship

Many potential employers prefer former athletes. Employers believe that being a college athlete translates into a quality employee. This is because successful college athletes, including baseball players, have learned time management skills, leadership skills, discipline, a competitive mindset as well as the ability to communicate effectively within a team, among other attributes.


While a college baseball player, you will be required to be healthy – with proper exercise and mostly a proper diet. Student-baseball players are highly motivated. Studying, training, and practicing are part of a college baseball player’s daily routine. Players tend to enter college already fit, and with a solid work ethic which helps them not only succeed on the field but also in the classroom.

Conclusively, a college baseball player can exceed in the sport, and learn traits that can propel them in their professional career for years down the road. Learning sportsmanship, new skills, dedication, and proper exercise/diet are great habits that will stick with these college athletes. Click here for more blogs. For more blogs click here https://followthrubat.com/.

Speed is a primary ingredient to big hitting. Bat speed is one of the most fundamental items on a baseball player’s checklist. Interestingly, bat speed is a fundamental skill that is tough to teach. However, there are various speed drills that can assist a player to improve on it. They include:

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  1. Weighted bat and a light-weighted fungo bat

This is a speed drill which aims at creating resistance in a swing and it forces a hitter to swing the bat harder – just like the pro boxer training with heavier gloves. Once you take a few rounds with a weighted bat, take some rounds (normal rounds) minus the weight. One of the reasons you ought not to take more rounds with the weighted bat is to ensure you don’t train yourself to make slow swings. After batting sessions with the weighted bat, take a few swings using the light-weight fungo bat. The ultimate goal of this speed drill is to help you train your muscles to always swing very fast as well as developing a muscle memory to attain an amazing bat speed.

  1. Resistance swings

Complete slow motion swings as your teammate holds on to the bat with some resistance throughout the entire swing. Resistance swings make for a good exercise and help build strength in all your swing muscles.

  1. Medicine ball wall punches

You can achieve this speed drill by standing five feet from a wall in your batting stance. Hold the medicine ball in your hands in a similar manner you hold a bat. Consider the wall a pitcher, and then throw the ball off the wall as you rotate your core to mimic a swing.  Make sure you take 10 reps.

Additionally, to achieve speed, stay loose and ready. Always relax your muscles as this prepares your body to move freely. Avoid tensing and bunching up. When you’re relaxed, you tend to move faster with more agility.

In conclusion, it is fundamental to have good bat speed as a baseball player. The above-mentioned speed drills are significant and when practiced efficiently, they will ultimately yield good results. For more blogs, visit our website https://followthrubat.com/.

Learn to Swing for the Fences. As with most things, it all starts with the fundamentals. However, with a wide range of setups and stances, there exist diverse ways on how to hit a baseball. The focus is the contact point; once the hitter is on the preferred contact point, he will achieve an effective swing. Notably, hitting a baseball is not easy and it requires hard work. Check out some of these tips followed by some of the leagues’ “super-star” hitters.

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  1. Hit against a firm front side

Usually, this is pretty significant. When you lose the firm front side, you basically lose most of the bat speed as your anchor is diminished.

  1. Let your back foot be on its toe

When you make a swing by committing your backside, you generate a force. This force goes towards the baseball and can only be stopped by your firm front side after which you can start making a rotation. While doing all this, only the back toe is left on or slightly above the ground.

  1. Ensure your hands are in a palm up, palm down position

For a right-handed hitter, if you have his bat taken away at contact and he is allowed to open his hands, his right hand should face up towards the sky while the left hand should face the ground. Such a bat grip can add significant power and consistency to the batter.

  1. Keep your eye on the ball

This implies that you can see the ball at its contact point. If you are ready to learn how to be a better baseball hitter, then you must start by knowing how to see the ball. You can increase your ability to see the ball by hyper-focusing on the pitch and travel of the baseball, maximizing your eyesight, or use baseball sunglasses. There is also skill development to better prepare your reaction time to pitches.

  1. Your back knee, back hip, and head in a straight line

This position ensures that you are not too far forward to lose power or to build inconsistencies in your swing.

  1. Let your head be in the middle of your feet

This is the strongest and also the best position for your body. It allows you to make a rotation on an axis with a minimal head movement, keeping you on-point and on-power.

  1. Top arm positioning

The upper arm is crucial in developing proper shoulder tilt and keeping your swing short. The objective is to have your forward elbow come through close to your body throughout the swing. So as you begin your swing, your back elbow should also travel near your body.

In conclusion, with the right techniques, practice and coaching, prepare to Swing for the Fences. Try out the above tips to become a “super-star” hitter. Click here for more blogs https://followthrubat.com/.


How Fat Burners Work

Fat burners have been the talk recently in the health and fitness sector, there have been arguments on to whether or not they actually work or not. Most of these arguments have since been solved with information proving that the supplement phenq ingredients phenq can be effective with a healthy and balanced diet, therefore we are today going to discuss how they work in the body.

Most fat burners claim to contain additives and chemicals that boost your metabolism and help you to lose weight. However, as you know your metabolism does not work without having some sort of food to process. If you provide your metabolism with some easy healthy food to digest then it will work together and in fact help you lose weight. Therefore those who say they do not work on their own are in fact correct, testogen review testogen, because that is not how they were designed to work. They are designed to work with a balanced and healthy diet and letting your metabolism lose the weight for you. Therefore, the fat burners can in fact work if used correctly.

The fat burners work by increasing your body temperature to a higher level which in turn makes your metabolism work faster. Which then makes your food process faster, and less fat deposits become stored in your body. Thus, saving you weight from your meals.

Here are some of the best ways to use the fat burners. With an exercise routine at your local gym or sports centre or with a healthy and balanced diet. Some foods to look out for when doing shopping for your healthy lifestyle;

Wholegrain, such as rice and porridge oats. Meats such as chicken and fish are also very good to go with the fat burning dieting. Dairy products with low or no fat content will fill you up but will leave you without gaining weight from them.

Various vegetables can be very good for your metabolism and diet too, such as leeks and celery sticks which contain practically no fat or calories. Let alone any sugar content other than natural sugars.

These foods and diets can help to lose fat on their own and can work either with or without the fat burner substitute. Therefore, you can use the fat burners when you have the time and allowance to obtain them as they are very expensive and you can continue to workouts and diets without the pills and still lose the same amount of weight

What have the fat burners got in them? Well they contain a few things such as; “HCA, CAMP, ephedra, chitosan and pyruvate” as said by the manufacturer of the leading brands of fat burners on the internet. The fat burners are somewhat expensive but if they work with your body and your weight loss plans then they are worth every penny, the results are different for every person but hopefully you find them successful if you do choose to use them in your weight loss routine. You can save money by buying in bulk if you plan to lose a lot of weight but that is up to you.

Good luck.

Baseball workout tips and exercise, www.followthrubat.comAn elite baseball player has several tools in his playing arsenal. They include quickness, nimble fielding ability, consistent hitting, powerful hitting as well as arm strength. Surprisingly, not all players effectively possess all five tools, but when a player does, he can become exemplary. Some of these players can do everything or almost everything very well, for instance, Bo Jackson, Willie Mays, Derek Jeter, Ken Griffey Jr., and Andre Dawson among others. For emerging players, having all the five abilities gives them a leg up in such extreme competition. Implementing the following tips (under doctor’s supervision) could help towards proclaiming the next baseball star:


  1. A workout for a cannon arm

Interestingly, every baseball player wants to be in a position where he can keep runners from taking an extra base as well as out of scoring position. This is a physical preference and also a mental advantage every baseball player wants. To help achieve a stronger upper body, do different push-ups with the help of a medicine ball. Begin with your arms at shoulder-length apart while one of your hands is on the ball. Make sure to alternate side by side. Do this 3 x 8-12 reps.  Thereafter, do overhead wall ball throws (3 x 15 reps). Do this standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, and use an 8-12 pound ball. Remember to use your hands to help keep the ball above the head. Notably, you’ll require some skill that you will better achieve over time with learned coordination.

  1. A workout for elite foot speed

Foot speed is a crucial tool for both base-running and defense. Speed allows a player to be in a position to carry out or take extra bases. This ability helps a hard play seem easy. Being quick is fundamental to quickly running down a ball. For a player to achieve both elite speed and quickness, you ought to include resistance to your training. Running and sprints are very important. To build strong legs, do squats using one leg (one-legged squats – 3 x 8 reps) with the aid of a dumbbell. To achieve resistance running, perform treadmill sprints.

  1. A workout for consistent hitting

Hitting is one of the most beneficial tools. Consequently, for you to score a run, you have to first get on base. To be in a position to hit well, body placement and balance are keys. Players with a high batting average will hit the ball more often and hard. One of the recipes for a great hitter is a balanced training coupled with core work. One of the workouts includes a combo with a single arm / single leg along kneeling cable chops. Alternatively, check out the blog, Bat Swinging Tips.

For more blogs click here.

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