Life After Major League Baseball Life After Major League Baseball

Life After Major League Baseball


Like all athletes, professional baseball players can end up in retirement due to various factors that include age, health complications, other commitments, long-term injuries or just no longer performing at a top level. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Whether a player has had a longtime career or one that was cut short by a game-ending injury, there is indeed life after MLB. In many cases, the path chosen by a retired player can be highly rewarding, both personally and financially.

Here are just a few options that many retired ballplayers seek out.

  1. Entrepreneurship

Incredible entrepreneurs such as Derek Jeter (CEO of Miami Marlins), Doug Mirabelli (Real Estate Mogul), Mark Wohlers (Real Estate), David Eckstein (Fashion Entrepreneur), and Randy Johnson (Randy Johnson Photography) are all perfect examples of former baseball players who successfully ventured into business after retiring from the game. Leaving the lifestyle and fame of professional baseball can be depressing for some players, but they should see it as a stepping-stone to other great endeavors.

  1. Baseball analysts

There is a great number of former baseball players who are making a career for themselves as baseball analysts after retirement. The most popular ones include; Harold Reynolds, Sean Casey, Orel Hershiser, Ron Darling, Keith Hernandez, Alex Rodriguez and David Ortiz among many others. Talented and vocally-sound players can have a brand new career as long as they are passionate and experienced enough to give their opinions during pregame or even postgame coverage. While not every former baseball player becomes a good TV analyst, most of them have what it takes to give fans valuable insights on the game.

  1. Baseball coaches

With valuable, on-field experience, a natural option after retirement may be coaching. Many players go on to coach teams from Little League to College or even MLB. With profound commitment, innovativeness, creativity, and determination, a former player can emulate great baseball player/coaches such as Joe Torre, Casey Stengel, Joe McCarthy, Tony La Russa, Sparky Anderson, and David Well. What a great way to stay involved with the game while continuing to contribute so much to it.

  1. Writers/editors/publishers

Retired baseball players who have a passion for writing/editing and publishing do very well in these fields. Examples of former MLB players who are enjoying such careers include Adrian Cardenas a former New York Yankees great and Jeter a 5-time World Series /14-time All-Star champ. They are a true examples of staying at the top even after retirement from MLB.

  1. Full-time employment

Great baseball players like Jody Gerut (Personal Finance), Brian Johnson (Diversity Consultant), Mickey Morandini-(Upscale Stationery) and Rob Purvis (Banking) and many others have opted for full-time employment after retiring from MLB. They’ve taken advantage of their smarts and work ethics to find successful career paths after leaving baseball.

Retirement from MLB does not have to stop an amazing and productive life. Many retired players use the same mental skills in the “workplace” as they used to make successful careers in baseball.

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