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If you want to start a real debate (or a real argument), ask a big baseball fan who were the best baseball players of all time. This “American Game” has been around over 150 years. The first recorded baseball game in the US occurred in 1846, when the Cartwright Knickerbockers lost to the New York Baseball Club at the Elysian Fields, in Hoboken, New Jersey. This became the start of a true American pastime, creating more sports heroes than we can count. The game has taken on a life of its own since its inception and has created a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. It has also created many amazing and memorable players. Here’s our very short list of the best players ever. Who made your list?


Babe Ruth

Ruth was a historic talent that transcended even the likes of Jackie Robinson. When he arrived in the major leagues in 1914, the all-time record for home runs was at 27. After seven years in the game, he more than doubled it to 59 and produced 60 dingers in 1927. He also took the lead in the AL in home runs twelve times. Babe Ruth was an astounding power hitter with a slugging percentage that remains 2nd best of all time, just behind Barry Bonds. Ruth was a great pitcher in his early years as he was leading the AL games in 1921. In fact, he was dominating games and also became the first transcendent American sports superstar. Ruth was dominating all the headlines across the state in both in-field and off-field celebrities; he was a super baseball player. One of his major stories in the New York Yankees teams in 1920 catapulted the prominence of baseball in a national consciousness that the game savors even today. Ruth was a great baseball player and also the most significant one with unmatched name recognition in the sport.

Willie Mays

Willie Mays not only racked up exemplary totals at the plate such as 3283 hits, but his astounding play in the outfield made him produce 12 consecutive Gold Glove Awards from 1957-1968. This accorded him the greatest all-around player of baseball. He was instrumental in leading the New York Giants to win the 1954 World Series. The New York Giants championship is one of Mays iconic moments in his career, which also turned out to be one of the most iconic moments in baseball history.

Ted Williams

Ted Williams has always been referred to as the greatest pure hitter who ever lived. He had 482 on-base percentages; which is the highest of all time. Williams took a lead in the AL batting average 6 times, slugging percentage 9 times and on-base percentage 12 times in his career of 19 years. Arguably, he was the best hitter the game ever had. He was also a great fisherman and a fighter pilot.

Baseball has a long history. Its teams, players and magic allow fans of all ages to follow the game across the globe. With its ever-increasing talent and team rivalries, baseball just keeps getting better with time. Click here for more blogs

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