baseball salaries baseball salaries

baseball salaries

Baseball players are among the highest paid athletes despite the fact that they typically don’t rack up gigantic endorsement deals. Every aspiring young baseball player dreams of making good money throughout their future careers. Only a select few make it to the big leagues in spite of several factors to overcome such as injuries, inconsistencies and limited game time among others. Just like in other sports, certain key positions in Baseball attract larger pay packages over other positions.

Here are the top 4 paying positions in Baseball

  1. Starting Pitchers

Starting Pitchers are often the highest-paid players in MLB. Some of the highest paid SPs in the world include; Clayton Kershaw $35.5 million, Zack Greinke (D-Backs’) $32 million, David Price (Red Sox’s) $30 million, Justin Verlander (Tigers) $28 million and Jon Lester (Cubs) $27.5. The position that can win or lose a game most frequently lands on the consistency and effectiveness of a team’s starting pitcher.

  1. First Basemen

This is yet another highly significant position in the baseball game. It is ideal for most left-handed professionals with the ability to catch the ball superbly well and is perfect for strong, large, flexible and fast players. It’s estimated that first basemen rack in an average of $15 million every year. In order to attract such a massive pay, you must own that position and emulate the games’ all-time legends like Keith Hernandez, Don Mattingly, Lou Gehrig, and Albert Pujols.

  1. Center Field

With a top-earning Center Fielder like Mike Trout of Los Angeles Angels, his $34.08 million is a true testimony that this is among the best paying positions in baseball. Consistent heads up play, quickness and a phenomenal arm are what get you such a huge contract. Of course, a .300 batting average might help a bit too.

  1. Catchers

Catchers are also among the highest paid players in baseball. Look no further than Buster Posey $22,18 million, Russell Martin $20million, Yadier Molina $20million and Brian McCann $17million. A great starting catcher can earn up to a minimum of $15 million annually.

MLB generates tremendous revenue for the league, team and players. Although, such handsomely paid, the top players in these key positions deserve every penny.

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