improve your bat speed improve your bat speed

improve your bat speed

Speed is a primary ingredient to big hitting. Bat speed is one of the most fundamental items on a baseball player’s checklist. Interestingly, bat speed is a fundamental skill that is tough to teach. However, there are various speed drills that can assist a player to improve on it. They include:

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  1. Weighted bat and a light-weighted fungo bat

This is a speed drill which aims at creating resistance in a swing and it forces a hitter to swing the bat harder – just like the pro boxer training with heavier gloves. Once you take a few rounds with a weighted bat, take some rounds (normal rounds) minus the weight. One of the reasons you ought not to take more rounds with the weighted bat is to ensure you don’t train yourself to make slow swings. After batting sessions with the weighted bat, take a few swings using the light-weight fungo bat. The ultimate goal of this speed drill is to help you train your muscles to always swing very fast as well as developing a muscle memory to attain an amazing bat speed.

  1. Resistance swings

Complete slow motion swings as your teammate holds on to the bat with some resistance throughout the entire swing. Resistance swings make for a good exercise and help build strength in all your swing muscles.

  1. Medicine ball wall punches

You can achieve this speed drill by standing five feet from a wall in your batting stance. Hold the medicine ball in your hands in a similar manner you hold a bat. Consider the wall a pitcher, and then throw the ball off the wall as you rotate your core to mimic a swing.  Make sure you take 10 reps.

Additionally, to achieve speed, stay loose and ready. Always relax your muscles as this prepares your body to move freely. Avoid tensing and bunching up. When you’re relaxed, you tend to move faster with more agility.

In conclusion, it is fundamental to have good bat speed as a baseball player. The above-mentioned speed drills are significant and when practiced efficiently, they will ultimately yield good results. For more blogs, visit our website

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