Transitioning from College to the Majors Transitioning from College to the Majors

Transitioning from College to the Majors


Many college baseball players dream of making it to the pros. Unfortunately, not all ambitious ballplayers realize their ambitions. It takes effort, hard work, and strong will to achieve your baseball career objectives successfully – not to mention possessing extreme talent. The beauty (and sometimes a downside) of playing in the pros is that it comes with tremendous exposure due to increased television airplay that elite professional sports leagues attract. Being in the limelight can make a player better or it can act as a negative distraction. Choose the former.



Here are a few tips on how to successfully transition from college baseball to the pros


What you eat will greatly determine whether you make it to the pros or need to get a “real” job after college. To increase your chances of transitioning from college baseball to the pros, ensure that you feed on a balanced diet consistently. Consume lots of vegetables, fruits, water, proteins, and carbohydrates. Advantages of a well-balanced diet include; an improved immune system, high levels of concentration, enhanced coordination, speed, versatility, and strength.

Avoid consuming unhealthy foods and beverages including fried fries, pizza, sugary soft drinks, alcohol, and cigarette smoking. Stay away from drugs and focus on maintaining a healthy weight that will allow you to develop your baseball game successfully. Getting drafted to the pros is no joke. Take it seriously. It can be a tremendous and lasting career, and a smart diet can help you get there.


Developing an athletic body does not come naturally for most of us. It takes regular exercise, guided training, and profound determination to achieve your objective as an elite college baseball player who has the chance to take it to the next level. Baseball is a more vigorous sport than many people think. Players need to be flexible, versatile, strong, fast and quick decision makers in order to be regarded as elite and fit. Take your coach/trainer’s advice on working out seriously and put it to practice.

Be at your best always

In order to get the attention of the scouts, you need to be in your best form – always. Producing lofty performances consistently can certainly catch the attention of a major league scout. Being at your best game level means willing to make personal sacrifices to make it to the top. You can take that next step, provided that you are 100% committed, determined, hardworking and willing to learn from your coach or teammates.

Be resilient

Resilience is an important factor in baseball. You must have the courage to overcome failure and team selection rejections. Show your coach why he should play you through your resilience and performance. Giving up should never be an option for you regardless of how many times you fail. Work daily toward consistent greatness – on and off the field.

Be Disciplined

Surround yourself with those who motivate you and make you stronger, both physically and mentally. Work well with your teammates but remember you have individual goals to achieve. Stay away from things that will attract negative publicity, and make smart decisions wherever you go. Take the responsibility of bettering yourself as a college baseball player, play well, learn from the best and put yourself in a realistic position to join the majors.

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