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FollowThru Pro Training Bats – Baseball Swing Trainer – Adult and Youth (32 inch/42 oz)

The NEW FollowThru Pro Training Bat is great for baseball players of all skill levels. Our patented FollowThru Technology delivers instant audio and kinetic feedback with the ability to hit live balls— teaching hitters to keep their hands inside to increase bat speed and raw hitting power. This gives batters the ability to self-adjust their swing in a fraction of the time. Our patented Smart Weight gives players Instant Feedback and promotes proper swing technique by reinforcing the correct swing with a “click” at or near point of impact. The smart weight starts just over the hands, and completes at the end of the bat, creating a natural sensation when players complete a proper swing. FollowThru Bats have a familiar look and feel to your favorite game bat and can hit live balls! There is a satisfaction when batters hear the “click”, and once they hear it, they want to hear it every time they swing. This Instant feedback allows players to self-adjust and strengthen their swing in a fraction of the time. Teaches hitters improved balance/timing, keeps their hands inside to eliminate casting, and increase bat speed and raw hitting power. Every FollowThru Pro Training bat comes wrapped with a durable Lizard Skins 1.1 mm Grip Tape for maximum comfort and grip.

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