Swing for the fences with FollowThru

The FollowThru Pro Training Bat provides a precision hitting experience that encourages proper swing technique in hitters with varying levels of skill. Our patented FollowThru technology provides hitters with instant audible feedback, encouraging them to swing all the way through the zone until they hear that “click”. This increased bat speed translates directly into raw hitting power, by teaching batters to extend their swing thru the ball. The ability to hit live pitches creates a smooth transition from training bat to your bat on game day.

FollowThru – every coach’s best friend

Our Pro Training Bat is every hitting coach’s best friend. Their hitters will build muscle memory and better swing muscles, while eliminating casting. Not only does it promote proper swing mechanics that hitters can feel, but it allows them to self-adjust their swing until it “feels right.” This frees up coaches to do other tasks at practice, while still getting great results. As we say, swinging is believing!