FollowThru Pro Training Bat, the last training bat you’ll ever need!

Swing for the fences with FollowThru

FollowThru Pro Training Bat provides a precision hitting experience that encourages proper swing technique in hitters with varying levels of skill. Our patented FollowThru technology provides hitters with instant feedback, encouraging them to swing all the way through the zone until they hear that “click”. This increased bat speed translates directly into raw hitting power, by teaching batters to extend their swing thru the ball. The ability to hit live pitches creates a smooth transition from training bat to your bat on game day.

FollowThru – every coach’s best friend

Our Pro Training Bat is every hitting coach’s best friend. Their hitters will build muscle memory and better swing muscles, while eliminating casting. Not only does it promote proper swing mechanics that hitters can feel, but it allows them to self-adjust their swing until it “feels right.” This frees up coaches to do other tasks at practice, while still getting great results. As we say, swinging is believing!

FollowThru Pro Training Bats wins ABCA Best of Show Award

Every time a new training device comes out for hitting, our committee is extremely careful in evaluating those products. We typically have anywhere from 10-15 respected hitting coaches look at it and give their candid opinions. In short, we try to separate the innovative product from the gimmick.

The FollowThru Pro Training Bat is a fabulous training aid for hitters and hitting coaches. It forces batters to have mechanically sound swings that will allow them to perform better against good pitching. A propriety internal cylinder within the bat “clicks” at or near the point of impact only when a mechanically sound swing is performed.

Not only does it promote proper swing mechanics that hitters can hear and feel, but it teaches them to self-adjust their swing until they get that “click”. There are many benefits to using this tool, including increased hand and bat speed, better timing and balance as your hands stay inside and swing completely through the ball.

This product also eliminates casting. It is a tremendous self correcting tool that batters can utilize without a coach being present. This product, which took nearly five years to develop, is also able to hit live baseballs.

Jerry Stitt, one of the top hitting coaches in college baseball history at the University of Arizona, doesn’t mince words about this invention “I really believe it is a great product,” said Stitt.

“Anything that is involved in any sport that is utilized to get better, you have to understand the intent of what that product is trying to accomplish. It should be utilized as a method to reach the intent of what the coach is teaching. So called ‘gimmicks’ that are out there may not be totally explained or totally understood. As a coach, I always looked for teaching aides that gave immediate feedback whether it was live hitting, tees, soft toss or pitching machines.

The coach and hitter always see the results of swings but don’t know why they happen many times. If you hit a scoring line drive or bomb, what was the process for creating that to happen? That is what is crucial to find out so that repeatable swings and solid mechanics can take place regularly.

The FollowThru Bat allows the process to unfold in a proper manner so positive hitting results can be achieved more often.” – Coach Jerry Stitt

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